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Who Can Participate:

The following businesses can apply to offer CLIMBER loans:

  • Nonprofit lenders
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • CDFIs

Program Details

The CLIMBER Loan Fund will support small business lending across the state by providing enhancements and loans capital to lenders. The Fund purchases participations in eligible loans, enhances loans, and provides direct lending capital for CDFIs.

  • $250 million small business access-to-capital loan program
  • Distributed in successive tranches, up to $50 million each, from 2021 to 2024
  • $10,000-$500,000 loans for working capital
  • Refinancing options available

Small Business Qualifications

  • For-profit corporation, partnership, or association incorporated in Colorado; filed with the Colorado Secretary of State as a foreign entity authorized in Colorado; a nonprofit in Colorado; or a sole proprietorship owned by a Colorado resident with primary operations in Colorado
  • Up to 99 employees
  • Sole proprietorship owned by a CO resident with primary operations in Colorado
  • 1 year of positive cash flow in the previous 5 years
  • A debt service coverage ratio of at least 1:1

Special considerations will be given to small businesses that are underserved and/or rural businesses, are located in low- to moderate-income areas, and/or are located in distressed and underserved areas.

Lending Options

CLIMBER offers three unique resources to encourage small business lending by offsetting loan risk.

Credit Enhancement

Provides a cash deposit equal to 10-15% of a registered loan as a pooled loan loss reserve


Up to 20% cash deposit as a loan-specific collateral enhancement; deposits must be paid back to CLIMBER.

Loan Participation

Fund purchases 80% of loan; lender can charge interest on retained share of loan.

Direct Lending*

Provides lending capital for direct loans to small businesses. Loan capital can fund up to 100% of a loan with a 20% loan loss reserve with the balance due back to CLIMBER at maturity.

*Only available to non-bank lenders: non-depository CDFIs, nonprofit lenders

To apply to offer CLIMBER funds or if you have questions, contact CHFA Community Development at [email protected].

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